Foster An Animal

Foster An Animal

Thundering Paws needs foster homes for kittens and cats!

Have you ever considered becoming a foster parent to an animal in need? If so, Thundering Paws would love to talk with you. Foster parents enable us to save more pets, and allow an animal to live in a home environment while it awaits adoption by its forever family.

As a foster parent, you will learn the animal’s personality and help Thundering Paws find a family that is a good match for the pet. You can trust that our experienced Adoption Coordinators will screen the applicant to make sure your foster pet goes to a safe loving home.

Some things to consider before you volunteer to foster:

  1. What can you handle? One cat, a pair of kittens, or a litter of kittens? Kittens that need to be bottle-fed? Underage kittens that are still with their mom? A shy kitten or cat that needs socialization to become more adoptable? A pet that needs medication? A senior cat that is too stressed in a shelter environment?
  2. Do you have the time it takes to socialize the pet? Some kitties require patience and a calm environment while others adjust quickly and are ready to play.
  3. Are you willing to clean up after them? Kittens, especially those that are 4 - 8 weeks old, can be messy.
  4. Are you willing to transport your foster cat (or kittens) to and from adoption events? These usually take place on Saturday afternoons at PetSmart in Bee Cave, where Hwy 71 intersects with Bee Cave Road. (The PetSmart is located across from Lowe's.) You’re welcome to stay with your fosters, but it’s fine if you prefer to drop them off at noon and pick them up at the end of the event.
  5. What accommodations do you have for foster pets? Do you have a spare bathroom or bedroom so that they can be kept separate from your other pets for at least the first two weeks?
  6. Do you already have pets? Are their vaccinations up-to-date? How will they feel about other animals coming into the house? Foster pets can often provide good companionship for your own pets, as long as they are introduced properly.
  7. Last but not least, are you prepared to send your foster pet to its new home? Sometimes it’s difficult to say goodbye to your foster kitty (we’ve all shed a few tears), but the void can be filled by fostering another kitty that is in dire need of your love and attention... another kitty that needs a second chance.

As a foster parent, you provide food, water, shelter and, most of all, lots of love. Thundering Paws provides vet care, medications and support. If you are interested in volunteering as a foster parent please contact Anne via the online form or via phone at 512 402 9725. You’ll find it to be a very fun and rewarding experience.