Dedicated volunteers
Dedicated volunteers keeping the sanctuary clean for our animals

We depend on our volunteers to help keep things running smoothly at Thundering Paws. It takes a lot of time and effort to care for 50+ active animals!

Donate your Time

Volunteers can do a number of things to help:

  • Working onsite cleaning, feeding, petting, and socializing our animals
  • Fostering animals in your home
  • Taking animals to and from adoption
  • Transporting animals to or from spay and neuter clinics and veterinarians

Donate your Skills

If you are a professional (or amateur!) with the following skills, we would love for you to help us out!

  • Veterinary services, particularly spay/neuters (four a month would be great!)
  • Yard work, tree trimming, or trash removal
  • Animal training
  • Legal services from a lawyer specializing in non-profits
  • Electrician, carpentry, plumbing, or drywall services
  • Research and write grants

Choose your own hours and your job! Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.