Ballad of Thundering Paws

Anne sings the ballad
Anne debuts the Ballad of Thundering Paws at Pawstock 4.

Singing for our Supper

The Ballad of Thundering Paws debuted at our fourth-annual Pawstock concert benefit on October 14, 2006, sung by our own brave Anne Zabolio! It was written especially for the event by our friend, songwriter Ruth Huber.

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Ballad of Thundering Paws ©2006 Ruth Huber, used with permission.


Welcome to Pawstock, my name is Anne
I live down in Dripping on an acre of land
And somebody dared me to stand here and sing
So I could raise money to finance this thing!
So I'll sing you this heartwarming animal song,
With a cheerful and catchy refrain
'Bout the feral and tame
The healthy and lame
That we rescue, and call by adorable names! (like Fabio)

CHORUS: At Thundering Paws, Thundering Paws
Home to hundreds of kitties, four bunnies, two dogs
and if they could speak they'd say thank you because
They're happy at Thundering Paws!

Now Sweet Pea is a pit bull/lab mix that we found
By the side of the road, she was one sorry hound
She was scared, she'd been hit
We thought we might get bit
But when offered a crate she climbed right into it!
She's been treated for heartworms and healed of her hurts
All she needs is a human to guard
She waits until then
In two custom-made pens
One in the house, and outside in the yard!


I took a couple of kittens to the vet for their shots
When in walks this fella, he's holding a box
Towed a car into town
With the windows rolled down
There were four tiny kittens in back with no mom!
Well she probably left them to hunt for some food
And when she came back, they were gone!
We found homes for three,
But I kept Fleur Marie
She's the furrball that purrs all night long next to me!


We need custom-screened windows, cat litter galore
Collapsible cages and sheds (wait, there's more!)
Shots for distemper, free neuters and spays
You can buy them or beg from your vet
We need gutters and downspouts and tanks for the rain,
Volunteer for an hour or a day
You could come to our dinner, there'll be a cash bar
Or what the hell, you could donate your trusty old car!


So for Button and Beamer and Bradley and Bast
For Katy and Chloe and Abe
For Minna and Muse and for Hypoteneuse
C'mon now, these babies need lotsa needs new shoes
Dig deep in your pockets and pull out some dough
For Gonzo and Gandalf and Rose
For Amber and Annie, for Hannah and Sammy
For Dusty and Diva and Dear Betsy Toes!


and if they could speak
(well, of course they can speak and they do it every day...)
they say thank you because
They're happy at Thundering Paws
Safe and happy at Thundering Paws!

©2006 Ruth Huber, Nobody's Fool Music