Injured dog needs your help!

Wallace the dog

Wallace, a pit bull under a year old, was running free in Dripping Springs when he was hit by a car, breaking a hind leg.  Fed only sporadically, Wallace was skin and bones.  Two months later, a kind lady volunteering in the neighborhood, Juana, saw him for the first time, and couldn't help but take him home.

Juana contacted us and, on our advice, whisked him to our vet, who is a rescue pit bull specialist!  He was given all vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, and was already neutered.  On exam, the vet found that he had a break that can potentially be fixed with full recovery of the use of his leg.  That's what we are going for, immediately!

Wallace wants to be with people, and is happy with other dogs, including Juana's alpha, a smaller herding dog.  He was too interested in her two cats, however, so Juana asked her friend, Dayle, to foster him. Dayle has no other animals right now and can devote her time to Wallace's recovery.

Today, February 1st, Wallace will have his surgery.

His surgery, overnight stay in the veterinarian's office, and post-surgical medication will cost $1400.  His rescuers have donated to him, the vet is giving us major discounts, and now Thundering Paws is stepping in to pay his expenses.  YOU are Thundering Paws!  Please help him by donating.

Wallace will be available for adoption at some future time, to be determined by the speed of his recovery.  Please see his video at the link below:

Thank you all so much!  We could never help these dear animals without you!


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