Chula was found on an extremely busy highway by one of our volunteers. The poor girl looked like she had never been cared for. She had long, dreadful toe nails, the longest we've ever seen, and was covered in fleas. Chula was taken to the vet right away for an exam. She received shots and an exam and fortunately tested negative for heartworms.

Chula - Can you help us help her?

But there was also bad news -- she has a mammary gland tumor. This condition could have been prevented so easily by having her spayed at an early age.

In short, the sooner a dog is spayed, the less the chance for mammary tumors to develop in the future. It's best to have your dog spayed before her first heat cycle to prevent this disease. After three or four heat cycles, spaying has almost no effect on protection against tumor development.

But even when it is too late for mammary gland tumor prevention, spaying is still important. It keeps other diseases away and keeps more unneeded puppies from being born, so spaying is always a good idea.

Chula's surgery has been scheduled and we are trying to raise money so we will be prepared to pay for the medical bills.

Please send donations to: Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary, PO Box 1555, Dripping Springs, TX  78620. Let us know that the donation is for Chula's surgery. Any amount you can give, no matter how big or small, is appreciated! (All donations to Thundering Paws are tax deductible)


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