Sweet Pea Ruminations

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Sarah Wolf

I am much more of a dog person than I am a cat person. Cats just don't seem to need people, while dogs definitely do. So when the little wiggly black dog dubbed Sweet Pea came to stay at Thundering Paws, I was thrilled to make friends with her.

Sweet Pea

I was a little nervous at first because she looks to be part pit bull terrier--her head has that strong, square shape to it--but if she has any pit in her, it's in appearance only. Her heart and temperament are mild and sweet, and she adores people! She'll run right up to anybody (strangers, friends, kids, whomever) and lick and squirm until you pet her. And she loves to go for walks. She displays no fear whatsoever (even when she should) of cars, strangers, deer, cats--anybody or anything she sees during our evening jaunts. I should point out, of course, that she doesn't especially like cats; in fact, we keep her away from the felines at the shelter because she tends to play a little rough.

She's a smart dog, too, and very eager for a strong owner to instill some discipline. I took care of her for a long weekend in December, and after just a day or so, she had already learned not to jump on the sofa or stand on her hind legs to see what was on the kitchen counter. She just needs to know what's OK and what's not, and she's good at remembering those boundaries.

Of course, I'm still finding dog biscuits in my shoes weeks later. She sure loved to hide 'em!


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