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December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from everyone at Thundering Paws!

 TomTom the cat says, "Merry Christmas".

To make a year-end donation, use our donate page.

Here's how you can help Thundering Paws animals:

  • Volunteer your time and talents.
  • Provide a foster home for one or more cats or kittens. We sometimes need foster homes for dogs, too.
  • Adopt!
  • Pay on our veterinary bill. Call Lake Austin Blvd. Animal Hospital, at (512) 474-8888 and ask to make a payment on the account of Thundering Paws.
  • Give while shopping or doing an online search: Shop, Search, Give.
  • Make an in-kind gift.
  • Donate money. Your donations help us care for resident animals like Sage, Rusty, and Rambo.


Thank you!


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February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day, from Big Boy and Ariel.

Big Boy and Ariel, two adoptable cats at Thundering Paws

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October 29, 2006

Many of the cats at Thundering Paws live in an area we call the cat run. It's a very comfortable place to be a cat. One whole side of the house and half of the front was expanded with a wide screen porch. There are plenty of food bowls and fresh water. There's also a cat door that goes into a room in the house for those times when it's cold or wet out on the run, but the cats mostly like to hang out where they can feel the breezes and watch the birds outside.

With the weather being so nice the last few days, it has been glorious out on the run. Kitties all over the run can do pretty much as they please. Hank likes to snooze on one of the sunny shelves up against the screen, or lounge on a carpeted ramp. Lilly enjoys sleeping on one of the huge cat trees. Harry Potter hangs around with his kitty friends and waits for the volunteers to come around. He likes to supervise while they do the chores.

One-eyed Zachary is usually hiding somewhere. He's a feral cat who was trapped and neutered. With just one eye, we did not want to release him back out into a feral colony. Instead, he's become one of our cat run cats.

The run is big enough and has an open feeling, which is perfect for those feral cats who would not be comfortable being confined inside the house. We also have patient and gentle volunteers who visit the cat run. It takes a little time, but most of the feral cats learn to trust people around the shelter.

Some of the cats on the run (like Zachary) are not adoptable because of their feral nature, but there are also lots of genuinely nice cats there who would make great house pets and would love to go home with you. Especially if you have a screened porch or a sunny window for them to lounge in!

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September 26, 2006

For some reason, this question irks me no end. I know it is because, if I tell anywhere near the truth, my fear is that I will immediately be branded as insane. (Three people have given me Crazy Cat Lady Action Figures. This action figure has only six cats. What an amateur!)

I have solved the problem. Volunteer Dave Harper keeps the census, so all I have to say now, which really brands me as nuts, is, "I don't know." If you're going for crazy cat lady status, might as well go all the way.

Lilly Muse Derek

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