Date of Birth: 
April 11, 2007
Beautiful green eyes

Hi, I’m Jake.  I’m an easy-going fellow and I like hanging out with my
people.  I’m friendly to strangers and I give the best head bumps ever.
Heck, I even gave a bump to my vet!   I love to be petted and doted on and
will give as good as I get.   I get along with most other cats as long as
they aren’t bullies.  I’d also do just fine as an only cat.  I’ve lived
with a couple of dogs and I pretty much ignore them.

I’m what they call a “special needs” cat because I sneeze sometimes.  The
vet has checked me out but there isn’t much that can be done about the
sneezing.  I got this way because I used to live with way too many other
cats and we weren’t being cared for.   Thank goodness the nice folks at
Thundering Paws got me out of there.  My sinuses are a little damaged and
that causes the sneezing.  Please don’t feel sorry for me because
otherwise I’m a healthy, happy guy.

I’m a master at looking lovingly at you with my big green eyes.  Look deep
into them and you will be under my spell.  Love me, adopt me, love me,
adopt me… You are getting verrry sleepy.

For more information or to arrange to meet this sweet kitty, please contact our adoption coordinator at adoptions@thunderingpaws.org or fill out our online adoption form.