Kathy, an adoptable cat, FIV+
Kathy and kittens
Kathy, an adoptable cat
Kathy, an adoptable cat
Date of Birth: 
May 3, 2016
FIV+ mother cat

Kathy is a friendly mother cat, who came to Thundering Paws so she and her kittens can find forever homes.  She is now ready for adoption.

Kathy has tested FIV-positive.  Cats with FIV generally live long, happy lives. They just need to be monitored for infections and dental issues. If they’re well cared for, they can be healthy, happy, wonderful pets.

For more on FIV, see http://bestfriends.org/resources/fiv-cats-faqs

You can also Sponsor Kathy and her kittens, to help pay for food and veterinary care while they're at Thundering Paws.

Sponsor Kathy and her kittens

Thank you to Patti Bonner for sponsoring!

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