Earl Grey

Earl Grey, sponsorable siamese cat
Earl Grey, sponsorable siamese cat
Date of Birth: 
June 15, 2008

Earl Grey lost his cherished home and companion when his person died, and needs time to adjust. The family can't keep him, due to many other animals. He is a beautiful boy who has been through a lot. Several years ago, he disappeared for five days in the woods; a big family dog found him injured and coaxed him home. After much medical treatment to recover, he has been strictly indoors.  We think Earl would thrive with adjustment time in a quiet house, with a knowing human who could let him keep boundaries, for as long as it takes to feel safe. If you would like to consider adopting Earl, please contact us.  He has done well with large friendly dogs. When Earl was a kitten, one family member sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to him. Singing it to him now seems to help.

Earl Grey gave his person companionship and joy in the last years of her life. Thundering Paws will provide him the best care we can.  Please help by sponsoring him:

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Thank you: Kate and family.  Thank you: Hoover family.

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