Eefa and Ashling, the kittens
Ashling and Eefa
Date of Birth: 
April 20, 2017
sister of Eefa


ADOPTED in October 2017.


One of our volunteers and supporters was visiting friends in Lockhart, when a couple of 'barn cats' playing caught her eye. She noticed that one kitten had a bent leg and asked if she could take the kitty—her name is Eefa—to possibly repair her leg.  Eefa was lonely, so her new foster mom got Eefa's sister, Ashling, to keep her company.  Eefa and her sister are energetic and affectionate, and we hope to find an adopter to take them both. Their personalities differ, of course; Eefa more an energetic "maniac" and Ashling more a "sweetheart".

We have taken Eefa to a veterinary surgeon, to have her broken leg examined. The surgeon said it's too badly damaged, and recommended amputation. Thundering Paws will pay for the surgery.

To adopt Eefa and Ashling, please fill out our adoption form. You can also sponsor her, to help  pay for their care.