Aria 2017

Aria the mother cat, rescued from Hurricane Harvey
Vibrato, a male kitten, rescued from Hurricane Harvey
Maestro, a male kitten, rescued from Hurricane Harvey
Cadenza, a female kitten, rescued from Hurricane Harvey
Date of Birth: 
September 20, 2017
Hurricane Harvey cat

Aria is a mother cat rescued from the flooding of Hurricane Harvey.

She was rescued with 3 kittens: Vibrato, a male brown tabby; Maestro, a male brown tabby with white; and Cadenza, a female orange tabby. We estimate they were born in mid-July of 2017.

Her coat color is "dilute tortoiseshell", a combination of bluish-gray and cream/orange colors.

Aria is friendly, and is now available for adoption. Ask us about her kittens if you'd like to adopt one of them as well.

To adopt, please complete our adoption form.  Thank you for considering a rescue kitty.

You may also sponsor Aria. Your sponsorship will help pay for food and veterinary care, for Aria and her kittens, until they are adopted.  Thank you!

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